What is Fair?

When considering the current issues in our economy today, theorists and economists try to use models or data to show people how and why we went wrong in the past, in order to improve things for the future.  Now, there are obviously multiple factors that have led to the increased gap between the rich and the poor and the terrible distribution of wealth.   Due to all of them, it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint one reason that is causing all our troubles!

Poor economists.

Anyways . . . I suppose the basis for all of our theories and models and attempts at “fixing” our economy is the pursuit of fairness.

Well, what is fair?  Ah, the unanswerable question.  It truly cannot be determined as everyone regards fairness to be different.  I believe that we have certain opinions on fairness due to our diverse backgrounds and experiences, however this poses a problem!  How can we decide how to level the playing field if we are all playing different games?

food for thought . . .

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