The Rise of the Stinking Rich

Ah, yet another Noah chapter.  They are great, I must say!  Anywho, this chapter discusses an even more pressing “Great Divergence”: the rise of the top 10%.  His evidence shows that as the quintiles become narrower, the rate at which the incomes increase is dramatic, and that amount of the nation’s income grows.  (That sentence made absolutely ZERO sense.  My apologies.)  So basically, as Noah states, “the richer you are, the faster you expand your slice of your country’s income” (Noah 147).

This chapter is outlining the gradual takeover the top 10% has had over the nation’s income; the richest people are becoming richer and I’m not sure how we are going to stop it!

Noah also defines who has gotten richer: chief executives.  Is this surprising?  Not really.

At the end of the chapter, he mentions that he has assumed up to this point that income inequality is undesirable in a democratic society, but that in Chapter 10 he intends to discuss why it is not something to fret about.  I am curious what he has to say!

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