I read Chapter 5 In Noah’s wonderful book, The Great Divergence, and it intrigued me.  Before I get into the subject matter, let me just appreciate the clarity and conciseness of the book.  His book is very clear and concise! I’m joking, ha ha.  But seriously, I appreciate his simple terms and clear ideas; he knows how to “dumb down” the subject enough where he clearly gets his point across and avoids making me feel like an English major that shouldn’t be taking an economics class.

Now, back to the subject at hand. . . the downfall of the middle class!

The middle class is slowly disappearing as the middle-class-income jobs are disappearing.  Thanks to improvements in technology, humans are being replaced by computers/computers that can do their jobs for a cheaper price.  Sadly, this is contributing to the growing gap between the rich and the poor/the rise in inequality in the US.  Yay!

Noah’s clear arguments and evidence makes this subject incredibly easy and surprisingly enjoyable to learn about!

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