Absolute Standard of Living vs. Equality: Final Opinion

In my second paper for this course, I argued in favor of the importance of equality, or the equality of opportunity, rather than the absolute standard of living.  I still stand by that opinion for moral reasons.  It is our duty to care for and help the lower classes attain more equal standing in this economy.

I realize that when arguing for this side, I highlight the benefits of equality for the lower class but completely ignore the consequences for the wealthy; I also concede that simply by raising the standard of living, we could eliminate the negative effects of taking resources away from the wealthy and improve the standard of living for everyone.  My only issue with that idea is that there would still be a significant amount of inequality amongst the classes, which is such a prevalent issue in today’s economy that I want to see it taken care of.  Now, choosing equality may not necessarily solve this issue, but I would feel better knowing that the lower classes would benefit in some way.

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